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Public Limited Company Registration (AS)

Estonia has one of the most business friendly environments in the world as far as it pertains to legally operating and registering a public limited company. There are many limited liability partnership advantages to enjoy, starting with the fact that registering a Joint Stock company is a smooth and easy process in Estonia.

Joint Stock Firm Facts

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Who can be a founder of a Public Limited Company in Estonia?

Joint stock companies are known Public Limited Company PLC by the estonian initials AS – they are companies which feature stock capital via shares. Stockholders control equity of a firm via their shares. One person can start this form of company or more than one person can. Founders may be residents of the country, non-resident or have e-residency.

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Can a founder of the company receive an E-Citizenship in Estonia?

Yes, it is possible to obtain an Electronic Citizenship in Estonia.

Where should the company be legally located?

The company should be registered, and legally located in Estonia

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What name should be registered and where?

To register PLC company in Estonia, it means that the name you choose should be followed by the abbreviation (AS) as mentioned in paragraph one. To be considered a legally registered company in Estonia, the company should be registered at/in the Commercial Registry.

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Who can be a member of the company board?

Both shareholders and non-shareholders can be members of the company board when you register private limited company in Estonia. Of course, the company board should have a minimum of one member. This type of company must have the Supervisory Board and at least three members who are Estonian residents and/or residents of non-Estonian states. The supervisory board will plan business activities of a Joint Stock Company and also perform administrative duties which relate to running the company’s Board.

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Could a Member of the company Board access an Residence Permit in Estonia?

Yes, it is possible to obtain an Residence Permit in Estonia by the criteria of the average wage.

What is the minimum authorized capital?

The minimum authorized capital is 25 000 EUR.

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What is the nominal value of a share?

The nominal value of a share is not less than 0.1 EUR. Purchase of additional shares of a partner increases share in AS. Shares can be sold or given away as long as there is notary certification.

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What  obligations  have a Partner?

Partners PLC
His/her proper share capital Needs whole share capital

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Why hold a general meeting and what powers do shareholders have?

The General Meeting is held on convocation of the board and is for the purposes of making decisions on company matters, such as the approval of annual reports. Shareholder should gather in order to approve decisions related to the company’s business activities. Half of the shareholders must vote “yes” to new initiatives in order to have these proposals adopted.

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A company’s authority is affected by re-election of members of the board and the decisions taking within their competence. Authority involved alterations to statutes, increases or decreases of capital, profit distribution, appointments of audits, talks about yearly reports and adoption of all decisions related to running the business in Estonia.

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How to deal with company profits:

Company profits can be paid to shareholders once a year in the form of dividends. The dividend that each partner received is dependent on the nominal value of his or her share, 20% income tax on dividends will be applied. In the case of reinvest  of the income or its use for the company’s business, the Income Corporate Tax is equal to 0%.

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Persons registering a public limited company in Estonia, and who would like to enjoy partnership advantages in Estonia and its business do not hesitate to apply to our company.  Our consultant services are designed to make it simple and stress-free. We have details galore to share and our guidance will make the process easier.

Forming a company doesn’t have to be a tiresome chore.

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