Company Formation in Estonia

company formation in estonia

Before making the decision to set up a business in Estonia, you will need to weigh the pros and cons. To help you understand the many advantages of this type of business gambit, we’ve created a detailed and factual quick guide.

Entrepreneurship is booming in Estonia. This country is quite stable, with a good economy, so lots of people are exploring business opportunities in the nation. Estonia is is currently enjoying a good level of prosperity.

Estonia has one of the most business friendly environments in the world as far as it pertains to legally operating and registering a public limited company. There are many limited liability partnership advantages to enjoy, starting with the fact that registering a Joint Stock company is a smooth and easy process in Estonia.

One of the major limited liability partnership advantages in Estonia is the e-registration option for registering your company. Other limited partnership advantages include the relatively low share capital requirement.

It is quick and easy to register non profit organization in Estonia. In Estonia, register non profit organization (NGOs) with the acronym MTÜ (from Mittetulundusühing) at the end of its name.

In Estonia, if you register a sole proprietorship, then your business is represented using the acronym FIE (from Füüsilisest isikust ettevõtja).

Branch office registration is required in Estonia if an existing foreign company wishes to establish its operations and conduct business in Estonia. Branch registration is not the same as registering a new company in Estonia.

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