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Estonian Electronic Residency

 Estonian CitizenshipGet the Inside Scoop on Electronic Estonian Residency Services

If you’d like to do business within European Union, you’ll find that signing on for Electronic Estonian Residency services makes it so much easier to connect with European customers and to establish a whole new branch of your business within Estonia. This service will allow you to become an E-Resident of Estonia. Since Estonia is the only nation which provides an E-residency option to foreigners, this new service definitely presents a unique opportunity.

These days, you needn’t worry about unnecessary paperwork or other
“real world” red tape, as it’s possible to access a range of business services for Estonians, such as:

  • electronic identification
  • e-services
  • your own digital signature

These business services will give you the freedom to pursue your goals in European Union, without being slowed down by old-fashioned business and residency rules and regulations…

By accessing a Plastic ID card which shows that you’ve been approved to do business within Estonia, you’ll be primed to access a host of appealing and practical E-services. The Plastic ID will be affordable and it will pay for itself over time, in terms of giving you the freedom to do business in Estonia, without the usual hassles and headaches. This streamlined and ultra-modern process may be available in other European countries in the future.

To help you understand how E-Residency for Estonia will benefit you, let’s look at two examples.

  • Let’s pretend that you’re a foreign investor in a company which is found in Estonia. When you access a Plastic ID card, you’ll be able to make payments via a bank transfer in the Banks of Estonia, without leaving your office.
  • To cite another example, let’s pretend that you’re the CEO of a company in Estonia, but you’re non Resident of Estonia. If you need to sign some vital documents, all that you’ll need to do is insert your Plastic ID card into a special device on your computer – you will then be able to create electronic signatures for your documents.

In addition to allowing you to perform an assortment of vital business processes conveniently (within the digital universe), choosing Plastic ID which grants you access to electronic Estonian Citizenship processes will also ensure that you enjoy premium data security while you’re doing business online.

Examples of processes which may be handled after signing up for Electronic Estonian Citizenship services include: signing of yearly reports, signing of Commercial Register reports, approval of general meeting minutes and approval of financial reports.

To qualify for E-Residency, one must meet certain requirements. Consider the table below:

Digital / Electronic Residency Residence Permit
Be an founder of Estonian company. (foreign with no residential ties to Estonia). Be the founder / investor of a company in Estonia. Meet investment equity criteria. Reside in Estonia.
Be employed to a foreign-based company that operates in Estonia. Be the Board Member of a Estonia registered company. Fulfil taxation criteria (social tax and income tax)
Be the head of an Estonian registered company (be a Member of the Council or Board Member) Be the head of a Estonian registered company (but necessarily a Member of the Council or Board Member)

Electronic citizenship is a digital option that persons can use as a means of engaging in business and solving business related issues in Estonia. Referred as Estonian electronic citizenship or E-residency (coming complete with a plastic ID card and accompanying microchip), one must make an application to qualify for digital residency. This sort of virtual citizenship is issued to foreign residents who hold non Estonian residence permit and cannot be used for traveling outside the digital environment, as a residence permit for Estonia or the European Union, or as identification outside of the digital environment. Being Estonian E-Resident does not mean that you become the Estonian Tax Resident. 
If you would like to be qualified for these criteria, we offer to apply for a residence permit in Estonia.

E-Residency, ID Card and the way forward

After a successful application process, you become an Estonian E-resident. Importantly, your Estonian E-residency is not valid outside of the digital environment. Within the digital environment however, an E-resident can use the digital environment to do business. This is big step toward paving the way for Estonian E Residency to be recognised right across the European Union in the near to medium-term future.

Finbalt Consulting can help you fill out and submit your application for Estonian Electronic Residency. Our team will help walk you through the process of applying for your E-Citizenship, providing you with all the necessary forms and supporting documentation to make the process a successful one. Through Finbalt’s assistance, the application process will be a smoother one.

* We do not sell E-residency – however, we will be able to help you with all of the paperwork and this will definitely make the process easier.

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