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Estonian Residency Permit for Employment

Discover the Benefits of an Estonian Residency Permit for Employment or Commercial Activities

We have already reviewed the procedure of apply for an         electronic citizenship.

Accessing a residence permit in Estonia will give you the ability to enjoy an array of benefits, such as the ability to sign documents electronically. It will also allow you to take advantages of an array of employment and business opportunities within the country.

In addition, when this form of residence permit is obtained, you will have the option of staying in the nation, as a foreign national, for a specified period of time. How long you may be able to stay will depend on whether or not you have accessed a short or long-term residence permit.

What Does a Resident Permit grant?

This type of residence permit in Estonia will give you the option of remaining in the European Union for more than one hundred and eighty days. In addition, it will allow you to skip submitting an income tax return in your home country. Estonia is partnered with over fifty nations and a residence permit for work or a residence permit for business will negate the risk of being taxed twice, for two nations.

As well, you’ll find that this form of residence permit for work or residence permit for business will grant you access to healthcare services within the entire European Union. It will also give you the option of arranging schooling for yourself or for your kids (within European Union countries). Another bonus of accessing this type of permit is that you’ll be eligible to receive a driver’s license, as well as to receive related registration, via the EU, as long as you pass required tests and have a European automobile.

However, the benefits of obtaining an Estonian residency permit do not stop there. This type of permit will also allow you to open a bank account within a European country that has proven stability. You’ll also be legally able to fill out a loan application in a stable EU nation. Lastly, this form of permit will make it possible for you to buy and sell property.

Permit Types to Consider

It’s important to select the most appropriate permit type. One option is a residency permit for work and the other option is a residency permit for business. This should be a simple choice, as you likely know whether you want to work in Estonia (or elsewhere in the EU) or perform business operations instead.

We’ve created a helpful table which outlines the features of each permit type, with a mind to giving you all of the hard facts that you need.

Residency permits for employment Residency permits for businesses
Forms of Activity & Required Investments
Employed solely in the firm, in a leadership capacity, performing official business duties in the country, in a specialist role, such as administrative specialist, board member or oversight function specialist. You won’t need investments for this permit. Company must invest 65 000 or more, in Euros, in order to create equity. Sole business people must invest 16 000 Euros or more.
Deadline to register the employer’s firm or business association must meet guidelines. A firm must register officially and then run for four months or more within the nation. The petitioner should be in the country legally and have a “multiple-work” visa for the company.
Firm which employs must be legally registered and must have been in operation for five months or more. The company is registered and operates in Estonia for at least 4 months. Petitioner is in Estonia legally with multiple work visa on the basis of the function company.
Work Details
Applicant must perform same types of work duties throughout work history, for different companies. Applicant must be in management for the company, doing supervisory duties or working as a paid member of the board.
Mandatory Paperwork
  1. Functional “multiple-entry” visa.
  1. Letter of confirmation from employer.
  1. Work contract, financial statements, tax statements
  1. Functional “multiple-entry” visa document.
  1. Copy of plan for business.
  1. Financial projections.

4. Corporate biographical information.

First, one to two years, up until to 5 years. First one to two, up until 5 years.

*We do not sell Residence Permits – however, we will be able to help you with all of the paperwork and this will definitely make the process easier. Our practical services are very affordable.

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