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Non Profit Organization in Estonia (MTÜ)

It is quick and easy to register non profit organization in Estonia. In Estonia, register non profit organization (NGOs) with the acronym MTÜ (from Mittetulundusühing) at the end of its name.

  • As the name suggests, the activities therein are not done for profit and are usually charitable in nature.
  • The number of founders for NGOs should include a minimum of two individuals (legal entities).
  • NGO registration is required when one wants to operate charities, community associations, charitable projects and so forth.
  • There are no dividends paid out as profit for NGOs, neither are there any shares or units.
  • Commercial turnovers reaching 16 000 EUR will require registration at the relevant tax departments, as that is the threshold at which it becomes VAT payable.
  • As is the case with other kinds of companies (such as private limited liability), accounting is carried out in accordance with the Accounting Act, and a general meeting once a year is required.

At this annual general meeting, the costs, issues and decisions associated with the operation of the organization are discussed.

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