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Branch of Foreign Companies Registration in Estonia

Branch office registration is required in Estonia if an existing foreign company wishes to establish its operations and conduct business in Estonia. Branch registration is not the same as registering a new company in Estonia.

  • For starters, regulations and operations relating to the appointment of board members for example are spearheaded from the head office located outside of Estonia for branch office registration in Estonia.
  • Branch of foreign companies in Estonia activities are governed by Estonian law.

Branch registration in Estonia will require the following information:

1) Name of the branch of the foreign company

2) The legal address of the branch and foreign offices

3) Registration number of the foreign company if allowed by the law of country where it exists

4) The foreign company’s legal forms and documents pertaining to its operations in the home country

5) Laws governing the operations of the company’s enterprises in the home country

6) The amount of capital in the registry of the foreign company in its whole country where it is available

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